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Improved Lifesaving Equipment

The LUCAS 2 CPR device performs non-stop chest compressions allowing EMS crews to concentrate on other Advanced Cardiac Life Support treatment.

Advanced 911 Call Center

A state-of-the-art 911 communications center allows Fort Smith EMS dispatchers to initiate emergency response quickly to those in need.

Orion Vela Technology

New information technology along with Global Positioning Systems improve efficiency and patient care in today’s Emergency Medical Services.

Mission Statement

The mission of Fort Smith EMS is to provide a prompt, high quality and caring Emergency Medical Service, in which we provide advanced medical care to the critically ill or injured. Furthermore we provide this professional service by utilizing the newest technology and interventions to ensure the best patient outcome.

Dedication to Patients.

Fort Smith Emergency Medical Services was incorporated on December 27th, 1978 to deliver quality, professional pre-hospital care to the city of Fort Smith. The service initially served the cities of Fort Smith and Van Buren with two basic life support ambulances. Today, Fort Smith EMS provides exclusive paramedic services to the city of Fort Smith and 911 service to the city of Barling with eight advanced life support ambulances.

Community Involvement.

Fort Smith EMS promotes community involvement and interaction on and off-duty. Fort Smith EMS is a 501(c)3 organization and provides charitable EMS services when the need arises or the situation is appropriate. As a Partner in Education with Fort Smith Public Schools, Fort Smith EMS and its personnel volunteer their time to assist the school system with school programs and services. Fort Smith EMS’ personnel ask, “Have I changed someone’s life today?,” on a daily basis.

Special Operations. T.E.M.S.

Learn about the Fort Smith Tactical Emergency Medical Services (T.E.M.S.) team.