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Fort Smith EMS

Fort Smith Emergency Medical Services was incorporated on December 27th, 1978 to deliver quality, professional pre-hospital care to the city of Fort Smith. The service initially served the cities of Fort Smith and Van Buren with two basic life support ambulances. Today, Fort Smith EMS provides exclusive paramedic services to the city of Fort Smith and 911 service to the city of Barling with eight advanced life support ambulances. Fort Smith EMS employees 65 personnel with a primary service area of 65 square miles and 84,632 people. In 2011, Fort Smith EMS responded to more than 13,000 calls for emergency assistance.

In 2009, Fort Smith EMS realized that providing “Best in Class” ambulance service was more than just providing a paramedic staffed ambulance for medical emergencies. The service undertook an aggressive service improvement project that would truly provide best in class service, which inevitably led to a “community first” philosophy. Fort Smith EMS has become the premier non-profit ambulance service in the United States and has earned national recognition as an innovative Emergency Medical Services leader.

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Fort Smith EMS Mission Statement

The mission of Fort Smith EMS is to provide a prompt, high quality and caring Emergency Medical Service, in which we provide advanced medical care to the critically ill or injured. Furthermore we provide this professional service by utilizing the newest technology and interventions to ensure the best patient outcome.